4*8 Feet Wood CNC Router with Linear Type Automatic Tool Change

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APEX1325 linear ATC CNC router is mainly used for panel furniture doors and cabinet production. It can quickly drill, groove, and cut to solve common furniture connectors like two in one connector, three in one connector. It also can process kinds of invisible furniture connectors, like Lamello, Lockdowel. The machine equips high power ATC(automatic tool change) spindle and linear type ATC tool stock, suitable for complex processing and diversification processing, multiple usages. It can do the cutting, drilling, grooving, shaped cutting, carving at one time.

Easy operation, very suitable for customized cabinet and cabinet door order production.

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It is suitable for regular processing of panel furniture production or special invisible connectors furniture production and shaped carving, etc.

9.0KW Spindle

9.0KW high power ATC spindle is suitable for high-speed cutting for a long time, and various kinds of carving work.

Weihong NK280 control system

One-key milling of the bottom boards and one-key processing of embedded parts, the vacuum pump can be easily controlled and the operation is simple.

Base structure processing and huge five-sided metal milling machine

Heavy-duty welded steel beam gantry and base structure. The equipment can run at high speed, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, high-speed cutting without edge breakage, and fewer breaks of tools.

linear ATC wood cnc router (5)

Standard Configurations
Model & Name APEX1325
Working Area 2500*1300mm
Table Vacuum and T-slot table
Control system Taiwan LNC CNC control system
Spindle  9.0KW air cooling spindle
Auto tool changer Circular auto tool changer for 12 tools
( 6 tools, 8 tools, 10 tools for choose)
Body structure Heavy steel welding structure
(more than 10mm thickness)
Motor and drivers Chinese Leadshine servo motor and drivers
Rail guide Taiwan HIWIN square guide rails
X,Y axis transmission Germany Herion helical rack and pinion
Z axis transmission Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis
Electronic components France Schneider electronic components
Limit switch Japan Omron limit switch
Limit switches at both ends of the X & Y axis
Vacuum pump 11KW water vacuum pump
Dust collector Dust collector with double bag x 2
Coolant Attachment Yes
Protective sheet Yes
Tool setting gauge Auto
Lubrication system Auto
Technical Parameter
Working area 2500*1300*300mm
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.01/2000mm
MAX. Traveling Speed ≥50000mm/min
MAX. Cutting Speed ≥25000mm/min
Commend Code G Code
Working voltage AC380V/3P/50Hz
Interface USB
Rated power At most 18KW·H
N.W./G.W. 2800KG/ 2900KG
Runing environment Temperature:0ºC~45ºC  Relative Humidity: 30%~75%


Solvable processing
1. drilling: Adopts different diameter drills to drill different sizes hole on various boards.

2. grooving: With suitable tools to do grooving or slotting, it also can finish Clamex joint slots for Lamello.

3. cutting: Suitable for the regular shapes and irregular shapes cutting, also can do edging.

4. milling: Adopts different shapes CNC milling tools to achieve beautiful designs.

5. hollow-cutting: Solve production of the carved screens, separating boards, or other products that need to be hollowed cut.

6. carving/engraving: 2D carving design on wooden, composite, or other soft raw materials. If you need to do 3D design, please contact us to inquire about other 4/5 axis CNC machines for you.