Metal Plates and Piples Cutting Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Can cut both plates and piples by one machine, greatly save your place and budget.
Wide Range Of Pipe Types, set the drawing position for different lengths of parts. Cyclic drawing is also possible
Automatic Loading, no need for manual, saves time and effort
Auto focus laser cutting head, without manual focusing

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Common Parts of The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head

SPRI brand from China. It is used to be a OEM manufacturer of German laser cutting head. Its autofocus (optional) function can reduce workload and increase productivity.

Cyput Laser CNC control System

5000B tubepro type, Support AutoCAD, Coreldraw file in dxf, plt format. Capable of setting cutting parameters in different layers. Nesting function can help to maximize the material use-ratio.

Laser Generator

IPG, Germany brand and it’s NO.1 in international markets.
It's more stable and widely used in various fields and get recognition from many users.


Moto reducer from France.
High precision and high torque speed reducer, which greatly improves the dynamic performance.

Parameters of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Machine Specifications
Model & Name APEX-6010HCB
Optional Power 1000W, 2000W, 3000W
Plate Processing Range 1500mmX3000mm
Pipe Processing Range
6000mm x Φ 10-100mm
6000mm x □ 10-70mm
6000mm x Channel steel 5#-6.5#
6000mm x Angle iron 30-60
Wall Thickness 0.8-3mm
X-Axis Travel 200mm
Y-Axis Travel 6500mm
W-Axis Travel 360°  x N
Z-Axis Travel 100mm
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy ± 0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Max Positioning Speed 100m/min
W Axis Max Positioning Speed 120rpm
MAX Chuck Speed 140r/min
Feeding Piple Length (Optional) 6000mm ± 150mm
Receiving Piple Length 0-3000mm

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Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in below area. Contact us to know more information.


Petroleum and pipe material, automotive manufacturing, fitness equipment and other pipe material mainly mechanical processing.


Carbon steel pipes, galvanized pipes, electrolytic zinc-coated steel pipes, silicon pipes

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