Oil Piples Cutting

Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Oil Pipeline Industry

oil piples

In the process of oil drilling, loose formation sand control is one of the most critical parts of oil well completion and oil production engineering design. Generally, a large number of small gaps are processed around the pipe to block most of the ground sand layer.

The important feature of laser cutting is that it can cut out the gradient slit with narrow inside, so that the oil sieve seam tube has better performance.
In the process of oil transportation, the composite pipe design usually adopts stainless steel add carbon steel or ordinary steel add alloy steel.

In the welding and cutting of the composite pipe, the laser cutting machine uses its multi-angle slope precision cutting to cut the pipe fittings suitable for the process of oil drilling and transportation.

Principle of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting oil sieve seam tube is using focused high power density laser beam to irradiate on sieve tubes.

With high energy of laser beam and oxygen auxiliary, the temperature of laser casing surface point rises sharply, work piece material local melting or gasification to form holes.

Auxiliary oxygen involved in the laser oxidation cutting, also blow away the slag, thus forming laser, oxidation cutting. Cut the seam between the sleeve and the laser beam.

oil pipline
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Compared with the traditional mechanical machining method, laser cutting screen tube has the following advantages
Laser cutting is contact-free machining, so there is no tool wear.
Low noise level, easy to realize the automation of machining.
Low machining cost, usually only a few seconds, is dozens of times of the machining efficiency.
High precision, with uniform seam shape
Cutting range is wide, can process linear rectangular seam, trapezoidal joint, curve seam, round hole and other gaps of different specifications. The width of a single cut seam can reach: 0.2±0.05mm to 0.5±0.05mm.

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