cnc router

CNC Router List

3D CNC Router Machine, mainly used for cutting, engraving, milling and drilling. It is widely applicable in below industries.
Advertising industry: acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum plate, two-color portrait, 3D advertising, sign, chest plate, coordinate plate, copper, word mold, font, all kinds of signs, trademarks etc.
Woodworking industry: furniture decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden crafts, solid wood furniture, office furniture, custom furniture, density board paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinets, wardrobes, window doors, beside tables, etc.
Decoration industry: art model, murals, screen, relief, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave board, electric table, sports goods and other wood products.
Stone industry: marble, granite, bluestone, jade, tombstone, tablet
Mold industry: casting, automobile, aerospace, wind power, rail transit, crafts and so on. (4axis)
Curved furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood processing, FRP trimming, resin parts, teaching experiment industry. (5axis)

How To Choose Right CNC Router Machine?

Know processing task

Before you buy a CNC Router Machine, be sure to fully explain to our sales staff the work content, including the size of processing work piece, material, processing thickness, weight, final effect and requirements etc.
Don't think that you can buy an engraving machine at will to do all the work. The CNC Router Machine is divided into various specifications and models, in order to deal with a variety of different processing tasks. For example, if you buy a mold grade engraving machine to carve two-color plates, or buy a large engraving machine to carve seals, this will cause a huge waste, and will not get good results. Similarly, if you buy an advertising grade engraving machine to make molds, it may not be competent at all. If you can’t distinguish the difference between machines, feel free to contact us for help.

Choose the right model

Small advertising company for the first time to buy CNC Router Machine, the main production of 3D word lights, crystal words, two-color board, name plate and other purposes, should buy advertising grade. But also should be further refined in the configuration of the machine, such as the main two-color plate, it must be configured with floating cutter head, because it can ensure that in the layout of the two-color plate engraving moment word depth is consistent. But mainly used to saw organic glass crystal word, should be equipped with more than 800W high power spindle, otherwise with low power and high precision spindle long-term heavy work, will accelerate bearing wear, loss of precision. Generally speaking, the engraving machine size is less than 600mm, is not suitable for engraving two-color plate and other fine work, but more suitable for sawn


words, do some large plaques. The size of 600mm or so belongs to the universal engraving machine, which can be used for fine work such as two-color plate and rough work such as saw word.
For the need to process the cylinder or other shaped work piece, due to the need to install some jig or rotary coordinate axis, which requires the Z axis column high, table to the tool head space, so you can choose special machine.

Try carving before order

Before buying the engraving machine, we can supply free samples for customers to check the working effect.