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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Metal Curtain Wall Industry

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As a kind of wall decoration applied in large buildings, the metal curtain wall is more and more favored by construction industry with its good strength, flexible processing performance and safety. Among them, the aluminum material in metal curtain wall is the most widely used. Light weight, can effectively reduce the load of the building. Good rigidity, high flatness, provide a good selection condition for high-rise buildings.

As the "behind-the-scenes hero" of metal curtain wall, laser cutting machines provide more processing possibilities for aluminum plates curtain wall.

The commonly used aluminum plates cutting process mainly includes CNC shearing machine and water cutting. Shear limitation, shear surface has burr, bending is prone to crack. Water cutting speed is slow.

With the development of laser processing technology, the optical fiber laser cutting machine has strongly joined the field of metal processing, with the characteristics of stable cutting of a variety of metals, including aluminum alloy, copper and other high reflectivity materials. 

At present, in the field of metal building materials industry has attracted much attention.

metal curtain wall

With the rapid development of urban economy, a large number of urban construction, airports, high-speed railway stations, subway station projects, so that the demand for metal curtain wall surge, many metal building materials suppliers are upgrading technology and expansion. In order to be in a favorable position in the competition, shorten the manufacturing cycle, improve the product quality, they simultaneously consider the efficient, high-quality and automatic laser cutting technology.

Since its establishment in 2006, APEX laser has focused on the field of fiber laser cutting and has rich industry experience. We provide professional laser cutting solutions for sheet metal processing.

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