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Plates Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Chassis & Cabinet Industry


Many countries actively carry out the construction of 5G base stations. A large number of base station construction has stimulated the vitality of the chassis and cabinet industry.
Common chassis & cabinet is generally made of galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate. The base station cabinet is mostly aluminum alloy profile, with the advantages of light weight, strong rigidity, and good electromagnetic shielding effect. Currently in electronic appliances, communication network, power supply facilities and other fields have been widely used.
In the construction of 5G base station, the sheet metal chassis cabinet is an important part.

At present, in the environment of diversified customer demand and fierce market competition, chassis and cabinet manufacturers are facing the pressure of multiple varieties, customization, high quality, small batch, short delivery time, cost compression and so on. In addition to seeking management improvement and change, technological innovation is also one of the important solutions.

In the manufacturing process of chassis & cabinet, the traditional process is shearing - rushing - bending - welding and plasma or flame cutting - bending - welding. The cutting edge is easy to cause sharp, burr and other phenomena, affect the appearance of the finished product, and the process is cumbersome and long-consuming. As an advanced new cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine can avoid these disadvantages. For the chassis & cabinet production enterprises, it can also meet the requirements of shortening production period, reducing the cost, and effectively improve the actual economic benefits. In addition, with the continuous development of laser technology, the aluminum alloy cutting process of laser cutting machine is becoming increasingly mature, which can meet the production demand of 5G base station chassis & cabinets .


Advantages of Laser Cutting Technology

  • No need to die sinking, the intelligent operating system can process any graphics, automatic typesetting save materials, plates one-time processing molding. Reduce the mold design and manufacture time, speed up the progress of new product research and development.
  • Non-contact processing, the cutting process does not damage the surface of the work piece. The cutting joint is narrow (0.1mm~0.3mm), there is little thermal impact outside the processing point, and the plate is not easy to deformation.
  • Fast cutting speed, high precision and smooth incision, generally without subsequent processing. High qualified rate, can realize automatic mass production.
  • Machine is easy to learn and operate, there is no experience requirements on users. The machine maintenance is simple, which greatly reduces the equipment maintenance cost.

The base station provide a big platform for the manufacturing industry, and the construction will bring opportunities for the chassis & cabinet industry to comprehensively improve from products to scale. Laser cutting machine in 5G base station provide new production solutions for chassi & cabinet enterprises. Adopt laser cutting technology, get "new blood", seize the opportunity.

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