Spare parts, Tools & Accessories

  • DSP A11 controller

    DSP A11 controller

    1. It is easy to intall and operate /

    2. U disk support ,No need directly connect to computer

    3. High speed data transferring

    4. It is professional for 4 axis cnc machine control

  • Taiwan Syntec controller

    Taiwan Syntec controller

    1. Waterproof design/Inner Open PLC, Macro Auto File Saving Function While Power Off Support MPG Ethernet/ USB Support

    2. It has separated keyboard control and LCD display ,very easy to operate

  • 9.0kw HSD air cooling spindle for ATC

    9.0kw HSD air cooling spindle for ATC

    1. Its quality and working accuracy is approved all over the world , you can have after-sale service all over the world

    2. It is specially for ATC cnc router with 4 axis

    3. The spindle is fitted with ceramic bearings to withstand high temperature. It could rotate +- 135° on C axis.

  • Taiwan Delta 11kw inverter

    Taiwan Delta 11kw inverter

    1. 11kw is fit with 9kw spindle ,Also Delta has good quality after years in use

    2. It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have point to pointand relative distance control functions for position control

  • Dust collector

    Dust collector

    1. We use 5. 5kw dust collector with double cylinder Usually 3. 0kw is okay ,5. 5kw is totally enough , It is not good to use bigger one

    2. It can absorb the dust and chippings, clean the working environment and protect human’s health)

  • Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

    Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver

    1. For servo motor ,Yaskawa is leading brand all over the world , after-sale service is also good

    2. Its torque will stay same as speed increase compare with other motor , it has stronger ability of overload

  • Linear Automatic tool changer

    Linear Automatic tool changer

    1. 8pcs tools will take the shortest path between any two tools, allowing the quickest change times possible.

    2. It eliminates the need for the operator to stop the machine to change tools manually, allowing the program to continue uninterrupted ,thus can make sure the working accuracy