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APEX after sale service

Our working time is 8:30am-22:00pm
But, if you meet a problem that needs to be solved immediately, feel free to call or email us at any time!

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1. service before sales: our sales will communicate with you to know your requirements about the cnc router specification and what kind of work you will do, then we will offer our best solution for you. So that it can confirm each customer get their real needed machine.

2. service during production: we will send photos during manufacturing, so customers can know more details about the procession of making their machines and give their suggestions.

3. service before shipping: we will take photos and confirm with customers the specifications of their orders to avoid the mistake of wrong making machines.

4. service after shipping: we will write to customers in time when the machine departs, so customers can make enough preparation for the machine.

5. service after arrival: we will confirm with customers if machine is in good condition, and see if there is any spare part missing.

6. service of teaching: there are some manual and videos about how to use machine. If some customers have further question about it, we have professional technician to help install and teach how to use through Skype, calling, video, mail or remote control, etc.

7. service of warranty: we offer 12 month warranty for whole machine. If any fault of the machine parts within warranty period, we will replace it for free.

8. service in long-term: we hope every customer can use our machine easily and enjoy using it. If customers have any problems of machine in 3 or more years, please contact us freely.



1. What is Cnc laser machine

Through the principle of laser emission, It is installed on the machine's motion system so that the laser can effectively process the material.

2. What kinds of laser machine?

1) Co2 laser: Ordinary Co2 laser/Mixed Co2 laser(Co2 laser for metal and nonmetal)

2) Fiber laser cutting machine

3) Marking Machine: Fiber Laser Marking Machine / Co2 Laser Marking Machine

3. The main configuration of the laser machine (accessories)

1 laser tube (consumable parts) + laser power supply 2 control system 3 working table (knife table, honeycomb table) 4 drive system: belt, ball screw (mixed Co2 laser ) 5 motor and drive (same with engraving machine) 6 Three mirrors, one focusing mirror 7 red light positioning 8 rail guide (common: XY axis / mixed cut: XYZ axis) + slider 9 OMRON limit switch

Optional: lifting table, water pump (chiller), lubrication system, exhaust fan, air compressor

4. What are the four standard configurations of the laser machine?

Exhaust fan: The smoke is pumped to outdoor

Air compressor: auxiliary cutting, auxiliary engraving, pumping away debris

Chiller: Reduce the heat of the laser tube to ensure long-term work

Red spot: The laser is invisible, so use a red emitter to determine its position

5. What are manufacturers of fiber lasers?
Domestic: Raycus UK: GSI, JK laser is a subsidiary
Germany: IPG United States: Nlight


6. Fiber laser cutter power

300w, 500w, 750w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w, 4000w

7. Maximum cutting thickness and cutting speed of fiber laser cutter  Maximum cutting thickness

300w carbon steel ≤ 3 stainless steel ≤ 1.2

500W Carbon Steel ≤ 6 Stainless Steel ≤ 3

750w carbon steel ≤8 stainless steel ≤4

1000w carbon steel ≤ 10 stainless steel ≤ 6

2000w Carbon Steel ≤20 Stainless Steel ≤8

8. Co2 laser tube brand

Beijing : EFR

Beijing: Reci

Jilin : Yongli

9. What is the power of the CO2 laser tube?

Common power is 40w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w, 280w

The bigger the laser tube power is, the thicker the cutting thickness is, and the bigger the power is, when cutting same thick material , the faster it is to cut. The bigger the power is ,  the more expensive the product is. The bigger the power is, the worse the engraving effect is. The bigger the power is, the worse the stability is. The 60w is the most suitable power for engraving.

10. Laser tube service life

10,000 hours