2021 Best 1325 co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Short Description:

1. The imported linear guide way ensures the high precision and the long service.
2. The stepper motor guarantees cutting and engraving smooth.
3. The structure is strong enough to ensure the moving stable.
4. High quality laser tube provides the strong beam and long service life.
5. Focus lens and reflect molybdenum mirrors guarantee the powerful cutting strength.

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2021 best laser foam cutting machine is used to cut EVA foam, polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam (EPS), styrofoam, rubber, filter mats to make foam molds, foam letters, foam inserts, foam packaging, gun case, pelican cases, boat flooring, car floor decking from teak. Now the best foam laser cutter for sale at cost price.

Product Descriptions


2021 Best Laser Foam Cutting Machine Features

1. The unique design by APEXCNC team, with high power laser tube to cut EVA foam boat flooring.
2. This foam laser cutting machine adopts the constant light path system for high precision laser cutting.
3. The integration of high strength frame type lathe bed structure, good rigidity, ensures the high stability of the laser cutting equipment.
4. Top brand guide rails be installed and debugged by precision collimator, ensure the high speed and high precision.
5. High power exhaust fan, make the cutting smoke exhaust more thoroughly.

Foam Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters


Model APEX1325
Working Area 1300mm*2500mm
Laser Power 150W-300W
Laser Type CO2 laser tube
Driving System Stepper motor
Transmission Belt transmission
Guide Way Taiwan Hiwin Square guide rails
Control System Ruida control system
Lens and Mirrors 3pcs mirrors and 1pcs lens from America
Working Table Blade table
Cutting Speed 0-4000mm/min
Power Supply 220V/50HZ/60HZ
Graphic Format Supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software Supported CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD, TAJIMA


2021 Best Foam Laser Cutting Machine Applications

Foam laser cutter machine is suitable for cutting EVA foam, polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam (EPS), styrofoam, rubber, filter mats, self adhesive marine decking, car floor mat, non skid adhesive sheets, synthetic teak cabin sole, etc.
The foam laser cutter machine can also cut double-color plate, organic glass, acrylic, wood, paper, leather, fabric, rubber and other non-mental materials, suitable for advertisement signs and marks making, handicraft industry, wood and bamboo industry, printing industry, clothing and leather industry, garment industry, decorative industry, photo frame making etc.

2021 Best Laser Foam Cutting Machine Projects

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