2021 Best 5 Axis CNC Router the Newest Design

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With OSAI numerical control system, the machine is of high speed and high machining accuracy. The Hiwin linear rails and the Germany original rotating arm ensure the accuracy and strength of the machine.
Z-axis travel can be heightened to 1.2 meters, so it is very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional surface, special for cars model.

The intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent the excessive processing caused by mechanical collision.
Diversified control processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed and dropping tool speed, and it improves the quality and efficiency greatly.

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2021 best 5 axis CNC router is designed for 3D modeling and 3D mold making, including automotive foam mold, ship model, building model, metalloid moulds, 3D surface carving and 3D shape cutting of large-scale instruments, now the best five axis CNC router for sale at cost price.

Product Descriptions

5 axis CNC router is somewhat like the 3, 4 axis CNC router, but it has two additional axis can move along. The two additional axis allow for shorter project time due to their capability of cutting five edges of the material simultaneously. However, due to the fact that the 5 axis CNC router machine has a longer X-axis, it makes for less stability and accuracy-potentially requiring more of your attention than a 3, 4 axis CNC router.

5 Axis CNC Router Advantages

1. Diversified Control: Processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed and dropping tool speed, which will improve the quality and efficiency greatly.
2. Humanized and beautiful design: Breakpoint specific memory to keep the carving status when power off, processing time forcast and other functions in case of the accidental power outages. Stop Emergency Buttons, emergent shutdown during unexpected accidents and do no harm to human. The intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent the excessive process caused by mechanical collision. Colorful machines’ appearances and high-quality paint make the machine beautiful.
3. Strong machine body: reliable and durable with long working life.
4. Top-quality components will make the 5 axis CNC machine with high-precision and high-efficiency. HSD ATC spindle, Delta inverter, TBI ball screw, Yaskawa servo motors, OSAI control system and so on, all of these components will keep the machine in the best condition even after working for many years.
5. Easy and safe operation, low maintenance cost. You will quickly learn how to operate the machine safely, and free training in our factory will be offered. Less time and less money will be cost on the maintance because of the top quality of the 5 axis CNC router machine.
6. Many optional configurations and OEM services are available. According to your requirements, different configurations will be offered. OEM service is available for you.

5 Axis CNC Router Technical Parameters


Model APEX1325-5A
Working area 1300*2500*950mm
Travelling C axis

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