Handheld Portable Raycus Jpt Ipg 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W Laser Welder Fiber Laser Welding Machine for Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum Brass

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Laser Welding Machine is widely used in mobile phone battery shell, electronic components, mobile communication, precision equipment, hardware products, automotive accessories, glasses, clocks, jewelry, medical equipment, thermal cups, wine pots, kitchens and other industries.

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500W 1000W 1500W 2000W handheld fiber laser welding machine

Safety - it has the laser beam output control ,Only when the welding head touches the metal surface,the machine can work,It can meet the CE and FDA safety standard, level IV.

Stable -water cooling system.

Convenient - we provide 10M or 15M welding line for easy to move welding work.

Laser welding machine
Laser power
500w 1000w 1500w 2000w
Laser type
fiber laser
Fiber length
10M or 15M
Beam diameter
Power supply
1000W is 220v
1500W 2000W is 380v
Cooling system
industrial water chiller
Net weight
Gross weight

Main advantages

1,Fast speed, high depth and low deformation.

2,High repeat accuracy of positioning, fast welding speed and high efficiency

3,Being welded, X, Y, Z, D axis for stepping drive, to meet the needs of large stroke.

4,High power laser power supply, to meet the 24-hour mass production.

5,Can be welded point, straight line, circle, ellipse, and square and other plane arbitrary track.

6,With the function of automatic bar focus and rotation, can weld 3D space any shape products.

7,The four-axis linkage control system tailored for laser welding, stable performance, easy to get started.

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