1325 Woodworking CNC Router Atc for Wooden Door Furnitures Cabinets/ 1530 Wood Caving/Engraving and Cutting Machine / 3D MDF Plywood Acrylic Cutting Machinery

Short Description:

ATC cnc router with circular auto tool changer 12 tools, can choose 10 tools, 8 tools, 6 tools etc.
Well-known 9.0KW HSD ATC spindle, strong cutting ability, low noise, long working time. Other configuration including Taiwan LNC control system, Japan yaskawa servo motor, Taiwan Detal inverter, HIWIN guide rail, Helical rack etc.
Ideal for panel furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, wooden door productions, as well as other non-metal and soft metal applications.

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Machine features
*Four air cooled spindle  (HQD or Italy HSD spindle optional ),high quality and 24h continuously work.
*HIWIN square rail,good occlusion and rigidity,no distortion for long time use.
*High speed gear rack transmission for XY axis, and high precision ball screw transmission for Z axis,
ensuring high speed and high precision at same time.
*Pneumatic ATC for 3 spindles with different tools.Automatic tool changing saves time to manually change tools.
*Vacuum table with vacuum pump,can quickly and stably fix materials on the table for engraving,saving time and long service life.
*Control system:We use the advanced Dsp, Nc-studio control system, Syntec from Taiwan or OSAI from Europ.

pneumatic 4 heads ATC cnc router

Technical specification

Model  APEX1325 / APEX1530 / APEX2030 /APEX2040
Working area 2500* 1300mm / 3000* 1500mm / 3000 *2000mm / 4000* 2000mm
Control system Ncstudio control, optional NK280, SYNTEC
Motor and drivers Step motor / Servo motor
Guide rail  Taiwan HIWIN square guide rail
Transmission way High precision rack gear
Table structure Vacuum and T-slot table
Working speed 8-15m/ min
Table Structure Welded Steel Frame
Spindle Power 3.5kw / 4.5kw/ 5.5kw/ 9kw air cooling spindle
Max Speed 24000 RPM
Variable Frequency Drive Fuling inverter / Delta inverter
Cooling System Electric air Cooled
Main parts:
#Pneumatic 3 heads Air cooling spindle:
3.5kw / 4.5kw/ 5.5kw air cooling spindle
#Linear Guide Rails: 
PMI/THK guide rails for precision machining at high-speeds. Energy-saving operation and long service life.
#Yaskawa servo motor and drivers: 
We adopt Japan YASKAWA Servo motor, world famous servo motor brand for its fantastic precision, smooth running, no vibration in low speed, no drop sharply even in high speed, strong load capability, much reliable control performance,etc
#Hand wheel: 
High-speed, accurate CNC machining. Look-ahead with 256 pre-calculated blocks while feedforward control improves tracking and contouring accuracy. Manage tool magazine, tool life, and more.
#Herion Helical Rack: 
WMH Herion helical rack and pinion drives provide accurate and dynamic acceleration.
Their durable design ensures a long service life with minimal maintenance. Capable of precisely moving heavy loads.
#Vacuum Pump: 
Run quiet and cool. The 100% oil-less design and long vane life ensures minimal maintenance.
Applicable Industry   
(1) Woodworking industry:
Engraving machine can be used for carving wood carving, wood jewelry boxes, decorative products and jewelry carved and so on.
(2) Advertising industry:
Engraving machine can be used for carving a variety of signs, logos, badges, panels, craft and decorating, home decoration.
(3) Other industries:
Also can be used for portraits, landscapes, calligraphy, seals and other graphic art and sculpture reliefs and other production.
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