CNC Router machines include woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, advertising engraving machines, glass engraving machines, laser engraving machines, plasma engraving machines.

Engraving Features:

CNC engraving machine can carry out relief, flat carving and hollow carving on aluminum alloy, copper, bakelite, wood, jade, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc. The engraving speed is fast and the precision is high.
Performance introduction:

1. The CNC engraving machine body is constructed of thick-walled steel pipes. The bed has been subjected to finite element analysis (FEA) and design, providing a rigid and stable processing platform for the machine tool, and all bed parts have been stress-relieved before machine bed processing.
2. All positioning bearings, ball screws, linear guide rails, and racks of CNC engraving machines are maintained by the centralized automatic lubrication system of the machine tool control system. This is the method unanimously recommended by ball screw and linear guide manufacturers.
3. The main components of APEX-CNC CNC woodworking engraving machine models are all top international brands, such as Yaskawa AC servo drive system from Japan, HSD electric spindle from Italy, MC7+4 row drill from Italy, and vacuum pump imported from Germany.

4. Each CNC woodworking engraving machine is equipped with a 10-tool compatible tool magazine as standard. This tool magazine is controlled by the new generation CNC system 9401 or LNC-520H, which makes the router tool change fast and reliable.

5. The vacuum adsorption table of APEX-CNC CNC woodworking engraving machine is divided into six processing areas, which can be processed in a single area or at the same time, which has improved the processing efficiency.

6. The Z-axis of APEX-CNC CNC woodworking engraving machine is supported by the pneumatic balance system, which is a closed loop, and its function is to minimize the gas consumption.


Post time: Aug-23-2023