Nowadays, wood cnc router has quite a wide range of applications, and many companies will give priority to wood cnc router when processing wood. Moreover, there are many types of wood cnc routers, whether it is wood, plywood or logs, it can be easily dealt with. However, when using a wood cnc router for wood processing, there are some problems that need our attention. Let’s briefly talk about it below.

1. Carving logs. Each kind of wood has its own characteristics. Some wood materials are harder. This kind of wood should use more power when engraving, while the wood material is softer and we need to use lower power.

2. Carved plywood. When carving plywood, we should pay attention not to cut too deep.

3. Carving Yin carvings on wood. The engraving depth of Yin carving is generally deeper, and we must pay attention to the depth of the knife when using the woodworking engraving machine.

Post time: May-08-2021