CNC wood projects


CNC wood projects also refer to CNC router projects. Because they are realized mainly by the CNC router machines. Besides, the major material of such projects is various types of wood. For instance, softwood, hardwood, plywood, particle boards, density fiberboard, melamine boards, etc. CNC router projects are used in a wide range of industries. In addition to industrial applications, we can see CNC router products everywhere in life. The main tasks of a CNC router include cutting out shapes, engraving surfaces, and carving designs. Furthermore, the use of CNC routers has changed the way that manual tools are used to process wood products. Its highly automated processing method improves processing efficiency, eliminates human error, and brings greater economic benefits. What’s more, various CNC router software, including CAD and CAM, makes the whole machining process more intelligent and simple. The CNC router software helps us with making drawings, calculating tool paths, and turning the raw material into finished products.

Epoxy tables


Panel furniture


Making various panel furniture is also one of the most profitable CNC projects. It is also one of the major purposes of our CNC routers for woodworking. You can always find a suitable wood CNC machine to manufacture any cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes, shelves, office furniture, etc.


With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level, modern panel furniture shall be both practical and beautiful. The beauty of the cabinets is mostly embodied in the style of cabinet doors. Our wood CNC router can engrave various patterns on wooden panels based on your amazing designs. Furthermore, the shapes of shelves are more changeable and not limited to traditional shapes.


Acrylic CNC projects


Acrylic materials are beautiful, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, economical, endurable, and have many other characteristics. Therefore, acrylic CNC projects are also one of the most profitable CNC projects that sell on the market. Acrylic CNC projects are widely used in various fields, such as advertising and handicraft industries. It has multiple multiple colors and can be cut, etched, and spliced into various acrylic products. For example, lenses, nails, safety barriers, medical equipment, screens, furniture, storage boxes, display stands, water tanks, protective covers, crafts, etc.


Acrylic signs


Stone CNC projects


There is a type of CNC machine that can be specially used to carry out stone CNC projects. For example quartz countertops, marble background walls, bathroom sinks, etc. These CNC machines include stone CNC routers and upgraded stone CNC machining centers. Stone CNC router projects such as kitchen countertops or bathroom sinks require a certain degree of accuracy. Because the cut shape needs to match with the corresponding washbasins. In addition, customized countertop CNC projects need to perfectly fit the dimensions of the user’s kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Quartz countertop CNC projects


Quartz countertop CNC projects have wide applications in households, restaurants, hotels, malls, and other public places. Customized countertops or basins are required on many occasions due to different designs.


The stone materials are usually very heavy and it generally takes much time and effort to process them manually. Besides, the processing efficiency is low and the cost is high. However, the emergence of stone CNC machines perfectly solves all the above concerns. In particular, the auto tool changing stone CNC router can realize highly automated processing in whole processes. For instance, hole cutting, milling, edging and polishing.


Metal CNC projects


Another common processing material for CNC machines is metal, including but not limited to steel, aluminum, copper, and their alloys. CNC routers use CNC tools to process materials, but they are not good at handling metals, especially hard metals. Therefore, we often use other CNC machines to cut metal materials. For example, fiber laser machines, plasma cutters, water-jet, or oxygen fuel cutting machines, etc. There are many profitable metal CNC machine projects in our daily life and the metalworking industry. Making metal parts, producing vehicles, planes, and equipment, making windows, doors, and fences, all of these can be profitable CNC projects. Furthermore, choosing a suitable metal CNC machine can help you get twice the result with half the effort.


Metal doors and windows


Today, we are going to talk about the metal CNC projects of doors, windows, and fences, etc. Production of these products requires less precision and simpler procedures compared with that of precision parts, equipment, vehicles, or aircraft. So it’s relatively easy for small metalworking factories to provide metal door and window CNC projects. Metal doors and windows have less deformation, good durability, and high thermal conductivity compared with wooden doors.

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