CNC stone cutting machines appear in different stone processing fields, including cutting, engraving, carving, and shaping. Here are some stone ideas for you to make some benefits.

 1.Stone stele ideas

Steles are one of the art forms of traditional Chinese culture. They are usually used to commemorate someone, an event or something important, such as tombstones, monuments, city signs, etc. Steles vary in shape and size- may be simple cubes or more complex structures. At the same time, they are also engraved with words and patterns. Stone CNC machine can process steles with high precise and high efficiency, and can be cut and carved in various shapes and sizes according to design requirements. Commonly used stone CNC machines include stone CNC engraving machines, stone CNC machining centers, and CNC bridge saws.


2.3D stone statue ideas

We can process stones into various shapes and textures to make stone statues to express the artist's creative ideas and artistic pursuits. 3D stone statues have a long history and can be traced back to ancient civilizations. They often represent the essence of culture and art. So they are considered as the precious representatives of cultural heritage.


3.Stone architecture ideas

The CNC stone cutting machine can cut stones of various shapes to add decoration to buildings. They have a wide application in the decoration of indoor buildings, large cultural squares, tourist cultural scenic spots and other places. According to the type of stone, it can be divided into marble stone column carving and granite stone column carving; according to the style, it can be divided into Huabiao column, Roman column, Panlong column, Zodiac column, rolling dragon column, totem column, cultural column, etc. Divided into square column, circular column, hexagonal column, tapered column and so on. The carving techniques adopted for stone pillars include overcast lines, bas-relief, high-relief, openwork and so on. In addition, the stone CNC machine can also be used to make stone carving doors, which can be customized according to customer requirements, and various patterns can be carved to increase the beauty of the door.


4.Kitchen countertop ideas

Kitchen countertop is convenient for food placing and cooking. It is a common choice in kitchen renovations. Stone countertops are hard-wearing, undamaged, and designed to last a long time. Plus, they come in unique textures and colors that can add an upscale and luxurious feel to your kitchen. At the same time, the surface of the stone countertop is smooth and easy to clean. At the same time, the stone countertop can withstand high temperature, and can place hot items such as hot pots and baking pans.


5.Stone fireplace ideas

The fireplace is an indoor heating device that is independent or built on the wall. It has decorative functions and considerable practical value, and is commonly used in the West. On a harsh winter afternoon, there's nothing more relaxing than cozying up to the warmth of a fireplace. In addition to heating in winter, the fireplace is also a very delicate decoration. According to different culture, fireplaces can be divided into Finnish style, Russian style, Spanish style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace and so on. The surface of the fireplace is decorated with pebbles, making the whole space look casual and dynamic. When the fireplace is not in use, the birch wood placed in the hearth is like a decorative painting. 


6.Stone accent wall ideas

Stone CNC routers can carve intricate 2D or 3D designs into stone, creating beautiful pieces of wall art indoors or out. Using a stone CNC router to carve 3D stone reliefs, which allows you to create intricate and detailed pieces that are difficult to create by hand. In the art of interior decoration, stone wall reliefs and murals play an important role, because of their wide application and strong spatial effect, they are more and more valued by experts in architectural space decoration. Interior decoration art is the art of setting up plastic artworks for the purpose of beautifying and decorating the interior space. It has some characteristics of plastic art and architectural art. Plastic arts such as relief and murals have dual attributes, which determines that plastic arts such as reliefs and murals have their own characteristics in interior space decoration.


7.Stone fountain ideas

Fountains have been essential decorations since ancient times. The water bowls of stone fountains can be divided into sandstone water bowls, granite water bowls, marble water bowls, etc. Firstly, it not only has the characteristics of hard and wear-resistant natural stone, but also has strong plasticity and expressiveness. Secondly, the shapes of water bowls are diversified, including water bowls carved with animals and water bowls carved with figures. It can also be circular, semicircular, square, polygonal, etc., and the facade can be divided into single-layer, multi-layer, etc. And it can decorate home villas, gardens, entertainment venues, hotels and other places.


8.Stone furniture ideas

Due to the hard texture, it is difficult to cut, so most of the stone furniture will not deliberately change the shape, but mainly focus on simple and smooth lines. This makes the stone bring out a bit of modern and simple atmosphere under the mask of "tradition". Therefore, stone furniture is deeply loved by modern style or simple European style householders. In addition, stone has natural textures, and each stone has its own "appearance" that cannot be copied, and can show different temperaments, which is very popular in large-scale homes. And there is marble, an expensive substitute that the Spaniards found to protect trees.


9.Garden paving ideas

The hard asphalt road always makes people feel that there is no warmth. And the cement road is patched here and there, which can hardly hide the embarrassment of mechanized construction. Therefore, many people began to nostalgia for the stone roads in the southern alleys. The stone road is paved with stones of different sizes and widths or ten pieces. While it is convenient for people to walk, it also adds a different kind of scenery to the community, gardens, parks, etc.


10.Stone mosaic ideas

If we pay attention, it is not difficult to find that many art walls such as subway walls, tourist attractions, and Internet celebrity check-in walls are made of stone mosaics. They can be spelled into words, and can also be spelled into various creative patterns, which are very novel and creative. In addition, stone mosaics can also be used to splice and decorate swimming pools, roads, countertops, floors, etc. to increase aesthetics and have a strong decorative effect.


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Post time: Apr-19-2023