One of our most clever clients , buy our cnc wood lathe, Who has never used this machine before.  Four engineers teach him one step by one step  Only by richard videos or whatapp video call,  Screen shot,  Pictures.  Finally, we got it solved.  Our client is very satisfied now.  So never worry about,  We trust you and believe in ourselves.  Let’s start to cooperate,  To earn money together

CNC Wood Lathe Advantage :
1. Operating system: CNC panel control handle, easy to operate and easy to learn
2. Auxiliary part: thickened steel plate welded and cast, 2.9 meters long, low vibration, no deformation, high stability
3. Power part: the frequency conversion speed regulation system is adopted, which can solve the problem of wood flutter by adjusting the rotation speed
4. Transmission part: adopts the linear guide rail (square rail oblique tooth, ball screw) of Taiwan Shangyin, with high accuracy and stable operation
5. Control part: using mature CNC controller, stable work, simple installation and debugging. Adopt international standard CNC language G code. Support a variety of software, support technical function expansion.
6. Movement part: high-precision stepper motor drive, guaranteed processing size, Taiwan guide rail, combined with ball screw drive, strong environmental adaptability, not afraid of dust. Ensure machining accuracy. Frequency conversion speed regulation, the main shaft runs automatically, and the processing automation is high.
7. The bed part: casting molding, stable structure, high-frequency quenching and grinding imported linear square rail, low vibration, can ensure high-precision processing

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The successful after sales service for the wood lathe machine

The successful after sales service for the wood lathe machineThe successful after sales service for the wood lathe machine3The successful after sales service for the wood lathe machine2

Post time: Jul-16-2021