1.Machine bed
① Tube weld machine bed
Low-power fiber laser cutting machines generally use a tube weld machine bed. This machine bed is welded by steel pipes and has a low cost, but is easy to deform.
② Steel plate weld machine bed
High-power fiber laser cutting machines generally need to use a steel plate weld bed, which can carry thicker materials and ensure higher cutting accuracy. And this machine bed will not be deformed.
③ Cast iron machine bed
The cast iron machine bed is the strongest and has the longest life. But at the same time, it has longer production cycle and higher manufacturing price.

2. Laser head
The fiber laser heads can be divided into two types: automatic focus laser head and manual focus laser head. Auto focus laser head can automatically adjust the focal length through the system, while the manual focus laser head needs to manually rotate the focus knob of the laser head. Among them, the auto-focus laser head is divided into BM110 and BM111. The BM110 uses a hybrid servo motor, but the BM111 uses a servo motor. In addition, there is a difference in the focusing speed between the two- because the BM111 is longer. In addition, commonly used laser head brands include Raytools, WSX, Au3tech, and Precitec.

3. Beam
There are two main types of beams for fiber laser cutting machines: aviation aluminum beams and cast aluminum beams. Among them, the aviation aluminum beam is welded by aviation aluminum, which is lightweight and can ensure the fast running speed and high cutting accuracy. While the cast aluminum beam has a long life and stable precision.

4. Air and Water system
The gas system is installed on the main bed, mainly composed of nitrogen, oxygen and air. Nitrogen and oxygen are mainly used as cutting assist gases. A part of air is passed through the filter system, used as cutting auxiliary gas and protective gas. The other part is used for machine tool executive components, such as dust removal cylinder, positioning cylinder, etc. Oxygen is mainly used to cut carbon steel, and nitrogen is mainly used to cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper. And the cost of nitrogen is higher than that of oxygen.

The water system implements dual temperature and dual control, low temperature water is connected to the laser head, and high temperature water is connected to the laser head. Connect to the water port of the laser, connect the water inlet of the water cooler to the water outlet of the optical fiber, and connect the water outlet to the water inlet.

Post time: Aug-02-2023