In the process of using the CNC engraving machine, we often encounter the situation of changing the tools. At this time, we need to be proficient in the technology of adjusting the CNC engraving machine so that we can adjust the tools at the fastest speed and put them into production to improve Engraving work efficiency. However, during the actual visit, we found that many people’s methods of adjusting tools are not standardized. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for us to emphasize the correct method of adjusting CNC engraving machine tools.

1. Clamp the tool in the spindle chuck of the CNC engraving machine, select a certain speed, and start the motor;

2. Manually move the tool to an unused place on the processed plate, manually move the z-axis, when the tool is quickly approaching the material, adjust the z-axis movement step to 0.05mm, and flatten the plate at the processing place to ensure Test the knife at the low point of the board until the tool is directly cut on the board;

3. Continue to use manual movement, draw a small rectangle on the surface of the material, and observe whether the tool just cuts into the material;

4. Using the presser foot, when the tool just cuts to the material, cut down by 0.1mm, and manually cut a small rectangle, and then observe the carving of the tool. If the surface of the material has been completely cut through and the knife is not deep, It means that the tool adjustment is ideal, otherwise, the cutting depth of the tool needs to be re-adjusted.

Post time: May-20-2021