1.We do this line many years, have rich experience and professional knowledge, will let you get the most suitable plasma cutting machine with the right configuration. This ability can let you avoid many mistake and avoid some trouble. Other factory usually lack this experience, and bring some trouble for the real customer.

2.If use the plasma cutting machine to cut the the thick meal, have to use the arc height adjust system, while our height adjust system use the high sensor, one minute can send out 12,000 signal per minute, while other height adjust system usually send out 10000 signal per minute, so our cutting quality more better than other factory and cutting speed a litter faster than the same power plasma source.

3.All our plasma cutting machines have to be checked three times, then allow to send out, and finally will put one 8GB flash disk into the package, when the customer received the machine, can easy check the video from the 8GB flash disk, then do the easy operation,in the video nearly like hand by hand do the teaching job, so can let the customer in the shot time to let the machine create the profit. While we also have the video platform, after you purchase the machine, we will give you one password, then you can easy to get the efficiency “after-sell service” from the internet. While other small factory usually, only check one time for the machine, and no 8GB flash disk, and no video platform, then it is hard for you to get the good after- sell service.

4.Just because our machine all equipped the professional parts, and test more seriously for the whole machine , so our guarantee period it is 2 years ,while other factory it is only 1 years.

5.we will free provide 2G processing design (USD 320) and Australia professional metal cutting software for you, in the 2G processing design have thousand beautiful graphic, after you get the machine,you can let the machine do a lot of beautiful work, while no need find the engineer to help you to design .


Post time: Sep-06-2021