4 Heads CNC router with vacuum bed ; it is capable of working 4 pieces of jobs at a time as maximum. Because of this, it has higher productivity than single head CNC wood router machines. This is the exact advantage of the multi spindle CNC router. It can be used for both plane engraving and 3D engraving.This machine is ideal for carving, cutting, and routing works.

We intend to help our customers improve their production efficiency to meet the production needs of customers to obtain greater economic benefits. The following is about the samples by our CNC router from our customer.  

The above is the feedback from our Australian customers.


For the ordinary sheet processing, only if you have the ideas about what you want to make, our CNC router can realize it easily.


If you are interested in our machine, please let me know your processing requirement. We must provide you with the most suitable processing solution.



 Released by Jinan APEX Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Post time: Mar-15-2023