1.Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture accounts for a large proportion in wood CNC projects. The CNC wood router used for wooden furniture can realize the digitization of the machining process, such as setting out, punching, slotting, edge banding and other process. It significantly increases the rate of finished products and the production efficiency while improving the level of repeatability and standardization of the products.



2.Crafts, gifts and artworks

Recently, CNC router project is gaining increasing popularity in conference, games and travel events. An an increasing number of medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials are made in CNC router project. So the craft and gift products are one of the profitable CNC projects that small factories or workshops that can’t miss.



3.Advertising signs

Use our CNC routers to make different types of signs for multiple occasions. For example, company name plates, advertising signs, direction boards for showing direction or displaying certain information. The materials used in these signs include but not limited to wood, metal, arcylic, resin, glass and so on. The advertising signs made in the CNC router project by routers are neat and beautiful, which can not only provide clear information, but also improve the company image.



4.Architecture Decoration

Many architects or building designers choose to use the forms of relief, hollowed-out work or 3D sculpture or their unique designs to decorate the architecture. The architecture is more vivid and less rigid with such decoration. The output of China’s construction materials has ranked first all over the world. Now it is developing rapidly towards high quality and various designs and colors. The CNC router is capable of producing large amount of elaborate moulds for the construction materials such as plaster ceiling, ceramic tile etc. And this will, in turn, bring in more revenue for enterprises. The CNC router project has been widely adopted in construction industry.



5.Paper cards and artworks

After the processing of CNC Router, the paper products have high precision, delicate effect and strong 3-D impression. Some also show novel engraving styles. If you have outstanding paper CNC router ideas or CNC project plans, you can make a design drawing with the help of design software. Then you can select paper of appropriate thickness and size, and now you can make unique paper cards with CNC routers. The paper cards and artworks perfectly embody the characteristics of CNC routers, i.e. high precision and efficiency. The CNC routers can also make 3D or more creative paper decoration products for your profitable CNC projects.



6.MDF boards

The picture shows a gorilla image engraved by our customers on a MDF board. As you can see from the picture, the gorilla image is very clear and vivid. You can even see the hair of the gorilla. The vivid image also reflects the high precision and high quality of our CNC routers. Another big purpose of MDF boards is furniture, like cabinets, wardrobes, closets. HDF has high density and is prone to crack, so we usually adopt MDF to make furniture. The HDF is often used for indoor and outdoor decoration, vehicle decoration, security doors, partitions etc.



Released by Jinan APEX Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Post time: Sep-14-2022