Laser cutter engraver machines are an excellent choice. Especially when you need a machine to cut and engrave metal, wood, acrylic, plastic, paper flexibly and accurately. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a small business owner, or a large metalworking company, you can find the right laser cutter and engraver. They are capable of offering the flexibility of cutting shapes from or leaving marks on almost any items. So the laser cutter machine is indeed an easy way to customize. With so many laser cutter engraver machines on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. But you are lucky when you see this article. This article will give you a brief introduction to the types. It recommends best laser cutter engraver machines for you to meet your different processing needs. And it also tells you how to choose a laser cutter engraver.

laser cutter engraver machines have distinct features and focus on different functions. So it is not hard to choose among them.

If your company produces various sheet metal parts, lamps, electrical cabinets, etc., you can choose the large-format flatbed laser metal cutting machine. The thickness of processed metal sheets is generally between 1-30mm. The laser cutting equipment with a power of 1000W to 20000W can meet the demands well.

When you also cut metal pipes and tubes beside sheets, you can consider the laser cutting machine for metal sheets and tubes. Buying one laser machine can realize the cutting of both pipes and sheets. You won’t spend extra money to buy another laser machine, nor find more room to keep two machines.

To further improve work efficiency, you can add an exchange platform for this laser cutter engraver. When the laser machine works at one platform, you can complete loading, unloading, or other work at the other platform. This greatly reduces non-production time.

If your work involves metal engraving or etching instead of large volume metal cutting, a metal engraving machine is enough. For marking traceable codes, logos, colorful marks on metal and plastic materials, a fiber laser marking machine is your best choice. Engraving, etching, and marking stands for different process depth, which can be realized by different laser power.

The CO2 laser cutter engraver is worthwhile to buy when it comes to the cutting and engraving of non-metal materials. Its features include non-contact processing, small heat-affected area, high efficiency, fast speed, etc. All these ensure good cutting ability, no deformation, and excellent accuracy of laser-cut products.


Post time: Jul-15-2021