Higher efficiency, less energy consumption and less operation cost

1. Electrical to optical conversion efficiency of the fiber metal laser cutting machine is high and over 30%. This greatly reduces the power consumption, saves operation cost, and achieves the higher efficiency.
2. Equipped with a reliable and high quality laser generator, a laser cutting head and a sturdy machine structure, the fiber metal laser cutting machine can achieve a fast and steady cutting process. In addition, the fiber cutter machine reaches its highest efficiency when cutting thinner metal sheets. Its cutting speed can be twice the CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power.
3. Fiber metal cutting machines do not need complex optical mirrors, and the focusing lens is not exposed. Therefore, it does not require frequent replacement of consumables, greatly saving operating costs and maintenance costs.

Non-contact process, high precision and small cutting slit

1. Due to the replacement of traditional cutting tools by a laser beam, the fiber laser cutting is a non-contract cutting process. So it will not scratch the material surface.
2. The machining accuracy is high; the repeatability is good, causing no damage to the material surface.
3. The cutting heat affected area and the plate deformation is small, and the cutting slit is narrow (0.1mm-0.3mm).

Good quality, wide application and high automation

1. The output wave length of the fiber laser is 1.064μm, 1/10 of the wave length of the CO2 laser cutter. The laser beam has good quality and high power and density, and can be absorbed easily by metal materials. So the metal laser cutting machine has excellent cutting ability and the finished products are in good quality.
2. With the assistance of matching CAD and other CNC programs, the metal cutting machine can cut any regular and irregular patterns. Except for sheet metal, it can also cut square or round metal tubes.
3. The metal laser cutting machine is capable for cutting a wide range of metal materials, even though highly reflective metals.

With high level of automation, the operator only needs to make the desired design on the computer and fix the material on the worktable. The cutter will automatically complete the cutting work without human intervention.


Post time: Jul-20-2021